Shady (maiteoida) wrote,

Chugging along

Haven't progressed much due to work-meltdown and other stuff, but...I feel like I'm getting closer to the end. I'm estimating (hoping) to end it in about 15 pages, but I might have to stretch that to 20 pages. I really want to work faster, and I think I just might considering I finally ironed out some story problems I had been struggling with for a while's hoping!

I also added about 2 pages to go in the beginning, but I haven't scanned those yet.

I feel like I should kinda...explain the plot more (for those who can't read Japanese/understand my shitty Japanese haha). After arriving at the station, Sayaka Morita (the girl) meets a strangely dressed man. She compliments him on what she thinks is a rather elaborate cosplay, and he asks her how she can see him. Upon hearing her name, he realizes that she's the person he's been looking for. He tells her he has been looking for her because she is in danger. She brushes it off thinking that he's still acting in character and heads off to school (after waving goodbye to Otaku-kun, as she calls him).

Sayaka tells her friends about meeting Otaku-kun, and while her female friend freaks out about the possibility of their being a cosplay event he was going to, her male friend warns her that this guy seems kind of shady. Class starts, and to Sayaka's surprise she finds out that Otaku-kun is transferring into her class (and his name is apparently Ota). He stares at her all class long, and when she meets her friends later she's exhausted. She explains to them the whole "you're in danger!" part, and her male friend tells her to stay away from him just as Ota enters the class room. The two boys argue a bit, as Ota claims he has some business with Sayaka and Sayaka alone and her friend refuses to let her go with him. Sayaka finally agrees to meet with Ota, and tells her friends to wait back for her.

Sayaka and Ota go to the school roof, and it's there that Ota explains his real reasons for coming (complete with a transformation sequence!). The truth is that this world in its entirety is a dream, and he has been sent to prevent it from becoming a nightmare as there seems to be someone inside this dream determined to turn it into one. He tells her that nightmare inducers infiltrate dreams and get close to the dreamer, as they gain more and more power. Giving them a name validates their existence and can give them the power to take over the dream completely. Considering the evidence--it would seem that Sayaka's friends are the culprits.

(this part I haven't drawn out yet) Sayaka, upon hearing this, tells Ota that her friends would never do that and leaves. Ota calls the male friend out, as he realized that this friend had been listening into the conversation since the beginning. He tries to fight him, but realizes that this friend is actually another dream catcher...and apparently one of them is in the wrong dream. Realizing that this only leaves one person left to be the culprit, they go in search of Sayaka. Sayaka has already met with her female friend, who asks her to help her with cleaning duty. While their having a conversation, it seems like her friend is trying to get Sayaka to give her a name so she calls her out. Her friend shows her real colors, telling Sayaka that she's gotten far enough that this dream is her's to do what she pleases with it so long as she gets rid of Sayaka--but before she does that Ota and the other dude come in.

The nightmare inducer tells them that if they come closer she'll kill Sayaka, but before she can do so Sayaka reclaims the someway, thus stripping the nightmare inducer of her power and allowing Ota and co. to capture her.

My last issue is...just how exactly Sayaka reclaims power over her own dream. I'm just not sure how I should have her do it. Any ideas?
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